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"Just before Christmas I gave Andy several boxes of old standard and super 8 cine, video, mini DVs etc. to convert to digital covering 55 years of family history. It represented one of my most valuable possessions with large parts of it unseen for many years due to advances in technology. Andy was not only very easy to deal with and helpful in giving advice but produced a fantastic job at speed and at a very reasonable price – much less than I had anticipated. He showed personal dedication to the task, producing the highest of standards and is one of the most recommendable persons I have ever dealt with. Knowing how valuable the product was to me, I cannot thank him, or praise his work, enough.


Ron Woods, Berks."


"I just wanted to thank you very much for your splendid work on the slides and ancient lost film!  I am delighted to have these extra pictures to share with the family and I am certain that they will be delighted too.

Thanks again for taking so much trouble to produce what will be a treasured collection and I will be in touch with further requests before too long".

Kind regards


"Andy produced a slideshow from my photographs and slides for a birthday party, and it went down a storm.

Thanks very much"

 John B

"Very impressive service. Nice work and good price. I highly recommend Andy. It's just great to have all the family clips in one place on a CD with copies secured. Everyone should do it before they get too old to remember!"


"Thank You Andy for always being so helpful.

Thanks for all of your time,

Xx Janis      

Janis Ahern - Actress

Woman using vintage camera

"Andy has managed to extricate a 20-year old film from a forgotten cheap old camera and resurrect nearly 350 slides which the family has had little opportunity to see. We are delighted with the results of

his patient and painstaking work which has given us a surprising and comprehensive 'Grandpa' version

of our family history on DVD.  I never had the slightest hesitation in trusting Andy with the pictures

and will be asking him to do further work for us.  He has helped us achieve a long-standing wish to pass on an easily-managed record of the family to the younger generation who are now living and working

far apart.  Many thanks from us"

  Linda Grierson

'Thank you for excellent, professional and prompt service.

Keep up the good work'

  Jean Moorby


                                Andy....Bloody amazing!

         Thank you so much. Seen stuff not seen for 25 years

Thanks again........Great job  

                                          Craig  Chandler


Thank you for your friendly and prompt service, it was lovely to see my mum and dad laughing and recalling happy memories from their old Cine film, priceless! Great service, highly recommend.


Many thanks,


Cathy Baxter 

Camera on tripod with Boston skyline

Thanks again for doing my cine films for me - amazing quality.

You might be interested to know that it's my Mum and Dad's wedding at the start from 'Jan 1951'


 Stuart Green


Mar 2016

"I had the best customer experience possible with APG Video

I was in a panic over needing to get DVD's to a local address from overseas (the ones I'd originally sent were stuck in customs) by a deadline only a day away. Andy immediately responded to my cry for help, not only with incredibly efficient DVD burning service, but going above and beyond my expectations by personally ensuring that they were delivered on time. I'm so grateful for his help, and would highly recommend APG  to anyone looking for truly outstanding service

All the best


in New York


"It was a relief to have found someone who I trusted to take precious family videos spanning 60 years (in all their varying forms), who was willing to carefully organise their sequences and produce excellent quality dvd's that I can keep safe. The service was friendly and efficient and I will continue to use them in the future".

  E Bond

Side profile of a photographer looking at photographs

"Hi Andy,

We've only just found time to sit down and watch our

wedding DVD and photo slideshow. They are excellent ! Thank you so much for a great job done and excellent customer service. We will definitely recommend you ! Thanks again"


"Thank you for your excellent service - great communication, friendly & well organised. Highly recommended"

 Nick and Davina Buckingham

"Thank you for your prompt service

and giving me a chance to

re-visit some fond memories

from my old  VHS tapes."

A Miller - Bucks.

"Thank you so much for doing the DVD,

I watched it Sunday afternoon, and had a little cry as my mum,dad and sister all on film have since passed away,

I didn't even mind the music,

Thank you regards"


Hi Andy,

Thank you for sending this over – a very poignant trip down memory lane for me, although I would choose different tracks now. I worked out that I must have recorded it 16 years ago and, like most people, I am not too fond of hearing my own voice... the music's good though.

You have done a splendid job and I am very grateful.

Warm wishes,


Radio Editor, Radio Times  






"Hi Andy,

We have just viewed the DVD that you created from the two Super 8 spools (dating back to May 1974 and Spring 1975).

We are delighted with the result.  Many thanks,"

Sandy Macdiarmid...



Hi Andy

'Thank you so much for the audio discs

They are brilliant quality and has made my mum's year

very moving for her'

Stephanie Eason

Woman with camera


'Hi Andy, Just played the DVD and it's great,

lots of memories to treasure,

Best wishes'

 Emma Sherwood

"I wanted to say a special thank you to you for the video you produced for me.

It was a great responsibility that the family gave me when they asked me to turn a selection of video clips into a 5 minute Tribute video for my brother's birthday. However you gave me the confidence that together we could do it, and so I agreed.


As it happens there were over 100 assorted video clips and because this was the first video I had attempted I needed more iterations to get it right.  However you were always very understanding and totally supportive.  When the project looked as if it might be fall behind the schedule, you put in the extra time to bring it back on track.


I showed the resulting video at my brother's birthday party on Sunday and it was acclaimed by everyone for its professional production and that it entirely down to you.  The whole family now has a video they will treasure for ever.


It was a great pleasure to work with you and we cannot thank you enough".


All best wishes


John Davison and family

Dear Andy,


I am writing to say a huge 'Thank you' for making a brilliant slideshow on memory stick from photos, 35mm slides and emailed pictures I sent.

They will be shown at the celebration after my brother's funeral and they will really make a lovely tribute to him.

I am so grateful, as I had initially approached a High Street chain who could only put the slides on one disc and the photos on another and they needed 4 weeks if they were to go on a memory stick. You have done it all at short notice and a matter of days.

It is just fantastic, with a lot of the pictures better than the originals you have copied!  

Thank you SO much - I will be recommending you highly to friends and colleagues and will use your service again.


Thank you - this really means such a lot to me and my family.


kind regards


Jane Birtwistle

Camera on tripod with Boston skyline Film reels of human eye

Thank you Andy for the great service, it brought back memories from early 1960s to see my old cine films on tv.  My family love them, reminders of their childhood.  I know when I visit family in Australia at Christmas my grandchildren will really enjoy seeing their mom and aunts and uncles as very young children, and the life they led.  Many thanks!


Margaret Oakes

Delighted with the 50 year old cine brought to life again by Andy and his superb equipment..just in time for our Xmas viewing..

Would recommend him to any Facebook user as that's where I found him  

      Last year!!


Hi Andy

OMG it is amazing to watch the video  footage so easily

!!!! LOVE  IT !!!

Since I was last able to watch these films  - my husband,  Mum and Dad have passed away - so u can imagine my delight when they came back to life again - I have giggled , laughed out loud and felt quite sad and emotional all rolled into one !!

So once again I want to thank you for your diligence and technical wizardry in making these wonderful  memories become both accessible and alot safer in storage on DVD s

I particular want to mention my excitement at seeing the footage of our time in the   cabin on Pender Island again - after about 20yrs of only seeing a black screen !! What a treat - we were so sad when it "disappeared"

So my children are going to be so happy with the footage of their Dad - to listen and watch him whenever they want - as he is sourly  missed by them !!

Equally my brother is also going to be surprised and pleased at having his own personal footage of our parents over the years !!

Warm wishes for the season

 Hilary x

'Just checked your website and I agree with the comments

made by previous clients, quality exceded expectations'

Jim Oxley