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Q: I do not have a blu ray player, but is it possible to place a small amount of high definition cine onto dvd?

A: No, dvd players are not able to produce true HD images, the footage would have to be placed onto a  blu ray disc




Q: I have a vhs tape that I am unable to play as the outer case is damaged what can I do?

A: When faced with this problem we take out the spools and place them into a brand new shell ready for copying ( as long as the tape itself is not too badly damaged, although we can repair tape that has snapped ) the charge for this service is £10








Memories are precious, so it's best to get your tapes converted before they become unplayable

Q: We see that you do audio microcassettes

to cd/mp3 which types can you do?

A: We are only able to convert standard

    microcassettes - recorded

    at both 2.4cm/s and 1.2cm/s


Q: I have a vhs tape which I would like to have a photograph taken from, is this possible and what is the charge?

A: We can produce photographs from all video tapes, but due to the low resolution of  the VHS format would recommend printing no bigger than postcard sized 6 x 4 prints. The cost of this service starts from £4 each



Q: We would like a DVD of a video we uploaded onto 'You Tube' a few years ago, as we've just realised it's now the only copy we have. We hope that this is possible as we would really like to give it to a family member as a birthday present?


A: We are able to create a DVD from a 'You Tube' clip as long as it is your own footage and does not have any copyright issues. The quality of the transfer will only be as good as the original video.