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Q: Will I be charged the full price if my tape is only half used?

A: No, the price stated is the maximum charge per tape.So if you have a couple of tapes, each half used you will be only be charge for one.

Q: What type of discs do you use?

A: We use best quality DVD-r disc for our transfers with a printable surface which enables us to print your titles on them. If, on the other hand you would like DVD+r's we would of course oblige.


Q: Are you able to edit my movie for me?

A: Yes if you state something like 'only transfer the wedding on the start' we can do that. If you like to edit the footage yourselves at a later date we can create a data file. Just tell us which file format you require

( and we will require an external drive to put them on )

Q: My cine film will need cleaning before it is copied is this a problem?

A: Not at all. Included in the set up price we lighly clean your film, replace leader if required and repair any bad splices. (Most of the film that we work with have required some work prior to copying, but this to be expected as it is all 40+ old

Q: I have quite a few spools of cine to copy could you do me a special price

A: Yes, we will always do a special deal on larger orders



Q: I've discovered some rare video tapes and I cannot find them listed on your site

A: We are constantly adding to our list of services, so it's well worth asking - we love a challenge


Q: Are you able to pick up and drop off orders, as I do not have a car.

A: We often pick up orders from our customers, who are local to us.

We would even collect larger/bulkier orders from further away, although we would have to add an additional charge for this service.







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Memories are precious, so it's best to get your tapes converted before they become unplayable

Q: I would like my cine transfers placed onto my external drive so I can edit the footage, is this ok with you?

A: This is fine and something that we are doing more frequently. So if you can supply  a large empty drive , that has been  formatted to NTFS  enabling us to tranfer the files, which are often larger than 4GB