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Ferrania 8mm Tape Film Splicer

In very good condition

 The price doesn't include splicing tape.

Comes complete with the original blue box



Super 8 Splicing Tape-001

8mm Splicing Tape


400ft Cine Reel

This reel has never been used,

so is in perfect condition.

Will hold 8 50ft spools of 8mm cine film. Removable centre adapter for Super 8 Users


200ft Cine Reel

This reel is in excellent condition.

It will hold 4 50ft spools of 8mm film



VHS Video Tape

We have a number of tapes available

perfect for everyday recordings

maxell 240 & Kodak 180 available


TDK Super Avilyn Betamax Tape

Over 3 hours running time





Splicer 400ft Spool 200ft Spool Maxell 240 TDK L750 Betamax 10b Dual layer DVD+R

Aone PLUS Double Layer Gold Edition DVD+R DL

10 PK ( 8.5GB)

£ 10

Fuji Video 8 Unknown

Fuji Video 8 Tape



Film Clips

Kodak 8mm Film Clips (10)


Mini DVD

Sony DVD + RW (30 min 1.4gb)




DVD - R Inkjet printable disc.

(Kodak or Traxdata)

Available in singles and supplied in plastic sleeves


£1 each